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Saint Zachary Catholic School

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Current Families

At Saint Zachary School, we believe involved families help strengthen the school community while providing an example to our children. Each family’s participation is appreciated, as is the support of the parish and community at large. For example, a small amount of your time may help a child improve their reading skills, and may help you understand how vital volunteers are in the daily operation of the school. There are a number of ways to volunteer your time at Saint Zachary School. These include but are not limited to: being a classroom helper, coaching athletics, or joining one of the various committees that sponsor school programs or events. Your time and talent are greatly appreciated. We look forward to working with you throughout the school year to make our events and activities the best they can be for our children.

Please review volunteer requirements set forth by the

Archdiocese of Chicago for the Protection of Children and Youth.  

Protecting God’s Children

Family Involvement

Family Involvement is vital to our school’s success. We are always in need of volunteers to help make our family and fundraising events successful. You can make a difference by volunteering! There are a number of opportunities to help in school and out of school, nights and weekends, so even if you haven’t completed the volunteer requirements for working with children, you can help!

Create your Track It Forward account to sign up for these events. Be sure to check out the volunteer opportunities available for the 2019-2020 school year. Committees and event chairpersons will keep you posted throughout the year.

As stated in the tuition agreement, each school family is required to donate 15 hours of volunteer time during the school year. Volunteer time must be in service to the school; Parish activities do not qualify. Lunchroom Supervision does not qualify as volunteer hours since that earns tuition credit.

If 15 volunteer hours are not completed by April 30, 2020, the difference between required volunteer hours (15) and actual hours completed will be billed at $10 per hour and charged to your FACTS account. Volunteer hours completed after April 30, 2020 through the end of the school year will receive a credit of $10 per unfinished volunteer hour up to the required 15 hours on your September 2020 tuition statement. Any non-returning families will be refunded by check after June 30, 2020.

Each hour worked over the mandatory 15 hours during the school year will earn a one dollar per hour tuition credit – maximum credit is $100. Credits are awarded as of April 30, 2020 and will appear on the June tuition statement. Any carryover earned from April 30, 2020 through the end of the school year will be applied to September 2020 tuition statement.


In addition to tuition credits, parents can earn N.U.T. passes for their children. Every trimester, the school will issue 1 N.U.T. pass for every 5 hours of service. N.U.T. passes will be capped at 5 per trimester. Volunteer hours must be logged by the last day of the trimester to qualify for the N.U.T pass. Third trimester N.U.T. passes will be issued at the beginning of the next school year.

Our volunteer calendar is July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020.  All volunteer hours for the 2019-2020 school year must be logged by June 30, 2020. Hours prior to July 1, 2019 have already been credited. All hours must be entered in Track it Forward. Volunteer hours do not carry over from the previous school year.

Volunteer Hour Tracking