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Saint Zachary Catholic School

567 West Algonquin  |  Des Plaines, IL  60016  |  Phone (847) 437-4022  |  Fax (847) 758-1064


Protection of Children and Youth


Your child’s safety is a top priority.  Be assured that everything we do begins with concern for our students.  All visitors are required to sign in at the school office.  Name badges will be worn by everyone in the building.  We strictly enforce the Archdiocese policies regarding volunteers.  

Below are requirements set forth by the Archdiocese. Fulfillment of these requirements is necessary for all those interested in volunteering or interacting with children at St. Zachary School. Volunteer opportunities include but are not limited to: lunch duty, field trip chaperones, coaches, classroom helpers, and library helpers.  

VIRTUS/PROTECTING GOD’S CHILDREN: Attend this training class prior to beginning volunteer service. Certificate of attendance kept on site in personnel file.  Training consists of a 3 hour class for adults with monthly bulletins required to maintain active account.  No one under 18 years of age permitted at training.  

All participants must pre-register online. In the drop down, select: Chicago, IL (Archdiocese)

Virtus Training Sessions and Registration

ONLINE CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK:  Volunteer criminal history checks are created and run through Virtus.

CODE OF CONDUCT: Read and sign prior to beginning volunteer service. Signed Acknowledgement Form kept on site.

English Code of Conduct

Spanish Code of Conduct

Polish Code of Conduct

DEPARTMENT OF CHILDREN & FAMILY SERVICES’ CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECT TRACKING SYSTEM FORM [CANTS FORM]:  Submit annually. Complete form and submit to site prior to beginning volunteer service.  Copy of completed form kept on site. Original mailed to DCFS in Springfield by the site. To be submitted annually.  Application reviewed by DCFS for abuse and neglect offenses.

English CANTS Form

Spanish CANTS Form

MANDATED REPORTER TRAINING: Coaches, youth ministers and religious education personnel are to complete this training prior to beginning volunteer service. Copy of certificate kept on site.

The direct link to the Mandated Reporter Training is: Online Mandated Reporter Training

For more information, please visit the the Archdiocese of Chicago

Office for the Protection of Children and Youth website or contact the school office.

Compliance Guideline Chart